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Yes, We Design Invitations!

Perfectly Inviting! Invitations for Every Occasion,

Style and Budget!

Hundreds of samples to view on site! 

Great Discounts!

Free Shipping & Handling!

Personal assistance with verbiage ( wording ), fonts, inks

Visit our boutique by appointment only

Call (520) 603-4971

Excellent personal assistance with every detail of your invitation ensemble!

Appointment time approximately 2 hours


Wedding, Quinceanera, Baptism, Anniversary, Sweet 16, Birth

Announcements, Birthday, Business, Bar Mitzvah, Family Parties, Baby Shower, Graduation, Corporate, Bar Mitzvah,

Bat Mitzvah, Save The Dates, Thank You's, and so much more!

Let Us Personally Help You With The Proper Verbiage!

What is the proper wording for your wedding or event invitations? Our professional staff will assist you every step of the way. If you order them online or somewhere on your own and you make a mistake, you have to pay to reorder them. If we make the mistake, guess what, we will reorder them at no charge to you at our expense. What a nice relief for you! Touch, see, feel is critical to know exactly what quality of paper you are ordering. Our samples are ready and available for you to see. Due to copyright policies, photos are not allowed.


Ordering Made Easy!!

Excellent Customer Service

Immediate Assistance (520) 603-4971

Questions Easily and Quickly Answered

Whimsical, Fun, Elegant- Whatever your style, you are

sure to find your invitations here!

Invitation Purchasing Tip:

Your invitations are the introduction to your

Wedding! Select the appropriate style to reflect the kind of theme or mood your guests can expect to see when they arrive at your event.


What is your theme?

~  Shabby Chic  ~

 ~  Lace  ~

~  Rustic  ~

 ~  Vintage  ~

~  Pockets ~

~ Lasercut ~

~  Family Party  ~

 ~  Graduation  ~

~  Baby Shower  ~

~  Bridal Shower  ~

 ~  Anniversary  ~

What our customers are saying about us?

"I ordered my wedding invitations off of Candida's online website, 

and it was super easy! I received them quickly too. Candida even 

helped me with questions I had about how to word the invitations. I 

also ordered lots of accessories for my wedding on the site. Thanks 

for the discount Candida!"  

Jessica Campas


What do you expect to see at our boutique? 


Stylish Choices



Here are a few samples of invitations, save the dates, personalized accessories, tote bags, guest favors, toasting flutes, pilsner cups, napkins, etc...


What our customers are saying......

"Trust me, it's so much easier to just visit Candida's office!! She helps with the proper verbiage and makes ordering super easy! At her office, you can see exactly what you are getting and Candida is so helpful- Thanks Candida!"

Summer Loring

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